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Hosts: Ted Fox, Samara Thompson & Fiona Griffiths

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Features a conversation with Ahuri Playwright Dan Watson on three original physical theatre productions in repertory to open the BMO Space, 1115 Queen Street West. Companies showing works are Ahuri Theatre, Play It Again Productions and ZOU Theatre. They run April 17-May 18 2014.

Short conversations with Sebastion Hirtenstein, a second-year student from STDT to talk about Momentum, the end of year show for The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, showing May 1-3 & May 7-10. Dominique Cheshire, also a second-year student, talking about the Emerging Artist Dance film festival at the Winchester Street Theatre, Monday April 14th. And finally Marco Placencio, a third-year student, discussed being a foreign student in Canada and how he hopes to continue his dance career after graduation.     http://www.schooloftdt.orgq=newsletter_2014_04




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