Sunday, October 16, 2011


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Hosts: Roshanak Jaberi and Ted Fox

William Yong, Photo by David Hou

Dancers Heather Berry-MacPhail and Kate Franklin talk about Eight Ways From Mara, a Zata Omm Dance Project production choreographed by William Yong, Artistic Director, This multidisciplinary work featuring distilled imagery and poetry from Buddhist philosophy shows Oct 20-22 at Harbourfront Centre's Enwave Theatre. A DanceWorks Mainstage Series Event.



Gerry Trentham, Artistic Director of Pounds Per Square Inch Performance talks about Four Mad Humours taking place Nov 2-Nov 5 8pm at The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen Street West. This is a interdisciplinary real-time networked show performed simulaneously with Buffalo. Both audiences will experience a live performance and live-feed virtual performance at the same time. Features four solo works based on the Elizabethan Humours-sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic.

Choreographer, Serge Bennathan, former Artistic Director of Dancemakers, talks about his Dora Award Winning remount of Sable/Sand, a homage to his father's Algerian heritiage. Features a score composed by Ahmed Hassan who died of MS in 2011. Sable/Sand shows Oct 21-22 at the Betty Oliphant Theatre  in The Neat Strange Music of Ahmed Hassan, a multidisciplinary celebration of his work curated by Peggy Baker and The Abilities Arts Festival: A Celebration of Disability Arts and Culture showing throughout Toronto until October 30th at various venues.

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Hosts: Ted Fox and Malgorzata Nowacka
Choreographers Karen Kaeja and Allen Kaeja talk about their production of Porch View Dances, which celebrates the stories of a neighbourhood and showcases real people dancing in real spaces. Takes place August 19-23 2015, 7pm (4pm on August 23), PWYC, Seaton Village, meeting at 84 London Street. Also a part of Porch View is The Wedding Brigade, a community dance project that invites everyday women (married or not--ages 10+) to join a beautifully staged outdoor procession of women dressed in wedding white. 
Choreographer Emily Law talks about Street vs Stage, showing in the Dance Series in SummerWorks 2015. Ten of Toronto's contemporary dancers meet ten of the city's street dancers. Shows Sunday August 16, 9:00pm at Friday at The Theatre Centre Mainspace.
Choreographer/Dancer Teoma Naccarato and Composer John MacCallum talk about Synchronism, their one-on-one installation in the Live Art series in SummerWorks 2015. Starting inside a private booth in the lobby of the Factory Theatre, individual bodies will spread further as the heartbeat of each volunteer is used to enliven a haptic and sonic installation throughout the Factory Theatre Lobby, for everyone present. Opens Wednesday August 12, from 4-7pm, in Factory Theatre Lobby.


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